El Circulo Cubano de Tampa and The Krewe of Mambi

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2010 Avenida Republica de Cuba
Tampa, Florida 33602 Ph.813-727-9375
  • Connect with the past and preserve the history and traditions for the future.

  • Members are invited to monthly happy hours and other social events.

  • Reasonable membership fees.

  • All fees are tax deductable.

  • Krewe contributes to charitable organizations.

  • Diverse non-discriminatory group - you do not need to be Cuban or of Cuban descent,
but you do need to be aware of our history.

  • Parades - The Krewe of Mambi does 8 different parades a year and is always a crowd favorite, music, dancing, cigars and libations. We have been named outstanding krewe at more than one parade.
Why join the Cuban Club and The Krewe of Mambi ?
Recreo - Membership

As a Recreo member of the Circulo cubano de Tampa, you will be a participant in preservingthe Cuban heritage of the Tampa Bay area. With the Recreo membership you are entitled to participate in all Cuban club activities including but not limited to social and cultural events. You can also attend the Mambi "Happy Hour" socials which includes; food, music, fun and camaraderie held the 3rd Friday of every month (unless otherwise announced).
Sociedad de Mambi - Membership

This membership includes all the benefits of
Recreo and also includes;

membership to the Krewe of Mambi with the participation in all parades, Fiesta Day and our annual gala. The single membership will receive (1) ticket to the annual gala. The Family membership will receive (2) tickets to the gala.
The Family membership consists of; (2) adults (spouse or significant other) living in the same household and children under 21 years of age also living in the same household. Due to the nature of the Krewe's activities and events Mambi
members must be 21 or older to participate in all of the parades. Young adults (16-20) years of age may participate in most of the parades if a parent or leagle guardian accompanies them. No one under 21 can participate in the
Sant Yago Knight parade and St. Patrick's parade. Mambi members also receive a 25% discount on any building rentals.