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The Mambi (mom-bee) were peasent rebels who fought for Cuban independence from Spain in the late 19th century. These freedom fighters, who often went into battle with only a machete or an old rifle, used guerilla tactics against superior Spanish forces. They were winning the war before Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders set sail from Havana in the summer of 1898.
Introducing the Mambi
A Krewe 100 Years in the making.
Inspired by the ideals of Jose Marti and the indomitable fighting spirit of General Antonio Maceo the greatest Mambi of them all, many Cuban, Italian and American volunteers from Ybor City and West Tampa joined the Mambi in their struggle for Cuban independence. The cigar workers of Tampa Bay were so active in their support of the Cuban independence movement that one Spanish general called Tampa
"the very heart of the American conspiracy".
The new Mambi krewe was formed to honor and perpetuate the memory of these courages rebels who fought for Cuba's freedom.
Their Cigars Weren't The Only Thing Smoking.

History of The Cuban Club
The Spanish-American War
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